Fire Safety

Let us get involved with your building's fire safety requirements and keep your inhabitants safe.

  • This is such an important and topical issue.  We can work with block management companies to ensure that legal requirements are met in apartment blocks and HMOs.  This might include providing and fitting fire safety doors, intumescent strips (material fitted around a doorway that expands when exposed to heat and closes gaps to prevent fire spreading for a period of time) and brush smoke seals.  We can also provide and fit fire escape signage, fire stops and fire boards to riser cupboards.

  • Why use PML Construction?
  • What’s important to PML Construction?

    Well mainly it’s people, in their many guises.

    We prioritise customer service in ALL our interactions.  Because we want people to talk about us. And recommend us. And pass on the message that we are committed to delivering residential and commercial building and roofing projects to the highest possible standard using our team of skilled professional.

    Our Customers

    They trust us to deliver their project and we take that responsibility seriously. We take ownership of our work and, in the unlikely event of a problem, our focus is on finding the best solution and not casting blame.

    Our Team

    We quite literally couldn’t do it without them! We’re very proud of our team of skilled professionals and confident that they will do the best possible job.

    Prospective Clients

    We’ve built ourselves a strong reputation on the building and roofing projects we’ve delivered since 2012. But there are a lot of people who are still waiting to be delighted by PML Construction.

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