We can plaster all your internal walls or render the outer spaces of your property.

  • Let’s start by addressing the most frequently asked question about plasterers – yes, PML Construction’s plasterers are clean workers! They are also vastly experienced (the two often go hand in hand!) and will fully sheet up the work area too of course.  

    Externally, we can also provide sand and cement rendering (similar to plaster but using stronger materials) to give outside walls a smooth, neat and tidy finish.  This can then be painted to the customer’s specification. Although those looking to minimise exterior maintenance might consider a coloured render; which is incredibly durable and requires much less attention.

  • Why use PML Construction?
  • What’s important to PML Construction?

    Well mainly it’s people, in their many guises.

    We prioritise customer service in ALL our interactions.  Because we want people to talk about us. And recommend us. And pass on the message that we are committed to delivering residential and commercial building and roofing projects to the highest possible standard using our team of skilled professional.

    Our Customers

    They trust us to deliver their project and we take that responsibility seriously. We take ownership of our work and, in the unlikely event of a problem, our focus is on finding the best solution and not casting blame.

    Our Team

    We quite literally couldn’t do it without them! We’re very proud of our team of skilled professionals and confident that they will do the best possible job.

    Prospective Clients

    We’ve built ourselves a strong reputation on the building and roofing projects we’ve delivered since 2012. But there are a lot of people who are still waiting to be delighted by PML Construction.

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    Let us know a little more about your requirements.

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